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Advanced Human Imaging (AHI) specializes in multiple scanning technologies that capture the human body's biometric data using a smartphone. Our multi-scan technology, known as CompleteScan, is embedded inside a partner's app and utilizes the device's built-in cameras and sensors to scan the human body. 

It is our mission to deliver an easy-to-use, early warning and health assessment tool for our Partners to supply to individuals, governments, and healthcare organizations, enabling Users to take control of and to understand the health risks which they pose to themselves, which they may be unaware of. Having the opportunity to combine measurement data with other biometric data sets widens the utility and importance of our technology through multiple business segments.

With the increased requirement of medical inspection and remote healthcare services due to the COVID pandemic, we have strategically partnered and invested into the expansion of our information capturing capabilities with the addition of vital signs data (FaceScan) and a further expansion into a dermatology AI-platform which provides information to identify and assess 588 known skin conditions across 133 categories (DermaScan). DermaScan is a software application using artificial intelligence to perform patient-specific analyses of skin conditions.

Major differentiators of AHI technology and approach include:

  • Ongoing Data Collection to Ensure Precise Digital Measurements.
  • Continual Enhancement of our Technology Offering While Expanding and Refining our Patent Position.
  • Independent Validation of Accuracy and Repeatability of our Measurement Information.
  • Private, individualized Assessment on a Granular Personalized Basis.
  • Broad Market Functionality.
  • Non-Opinionated Partner Level Integration.
  • Zero Upfront Integration Cost.
  • On-Device Processing Delivers Frictionless Scalability Flexible and Capital Efficient B2B Business Model.

AHI is globalizing its technology to assist individuals, communities, and populations to live healthier lives worldwide in the Fitness, mHealth, Wellness, Telehealth, Life & Health Insurance, and Apparel industries. This has been achieved by meeting worldwide privacy and security standards, diversified data collection, continuous research and development, and innovation through cutting-edge techniques in machine learning, computer vision, and analysis.

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